Analysis of polyethylene pipes (PE pipes) and PE accessories, performance and applications

Analysis of Polyethylene Pipes (PE pipes) and PE Accessories, Performance and Applications


Today, polyethylene pipes and fittings are considered the best choice for a variety of projects due to their high quality and high reliability, ease of loading, transfer, and installation due to their relatively low weight. These products also offer high bending capabilities and high resistance to impact and pressure in cryogenic environments.

PE Pipe Features


1. Low weight

Polyethylene pipes (PE pipes) and PE fittings are lighter in weight than other types of steel pipes or concrete pipes, making them easier to transport, load or install.

2. Impact resistance

PE pipes are impact-resistant, eliminating the need to apply high pressure or purchase anti-vibration equipment. This property reduces running costs and eliminates waste while improving performance.

3. Corrosion resistance

Comparisons between polyethylene and other materials show that pipes and fittings made of polyethylene are resistant to erosion, which makes them a perfect choice for conveying liquids with high resistance to non-soluble solids, they are safe and will not suffer from high rodent infestation jeopardize the stiffness of their surfaces.

4. Chemical resistance

One note of the advantages of polyethylene pipes and polyethylene pipe fittings is that they will not be affected by acidic and alkaline chemical environments. You can find a complete list of non-sentimental chemicals on polyethylene pipe fittings and polyethylene fittings through Standards for PE Pipes and Fittings.

5. High flow rate

Because the inner walls of polyethylene pipes and fittings are smooth with very low roughness, fluids can flow quickly within them. Polyethylene provides a product roughness efficiency of 0.007.

6. Polyethylene pipe is easy to connect

Analytical Ethylene offers two shapes of coils and branched polyethylene tubes. Polyethylene rolled pipes resulting in cost savings are available in different sizes as follows. Branches can be connected to each other in different ways. Polyethylene offers a wide range of fittings and connections that are easy to implement and cover professional pipe networks.

7. Application

Polyethylene pipes and fittings have a wide range of applications such as gas transportation, drainage, sewage, drinking water, fire protection systems, cable shielding, and pressurized irrigation systems. Although there are other applications in other countries – air conditioning systems, oil or seawater transportation pipelines – they have no practical use in our country.

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