How are PE pipes stored?

How are PE pipes stored?

Note when storing pipes that PE pipes should not come into contact with solvents, fuels, paints and other components. They should also be kept away from other dry or hot water pipes, especially if possible, to avoid high temperatures.

Storage methods under direct sunlight:
We can distinguish the storage methods of PE pipes according to their color:
Black tubes can be stored indoors or outdoors as they are protected from ultraviolet (UV) light due to the addition of carbon black. Other colors should not be left outside for more than six months before being buried, exposed to UV rays and without protection. Orange and yellow pipes for long-term storage should be protected with plastic film when not in use. The tubes can be stored either in bundles, secured with wooden clamps, or on horizontal shelves, always using the required supports to avoid deformation. Another option is to store them horizontally, one on top of the other.

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