Equal Tee

Raw Materials: PE100, PE100RC
Standards : EN12201, ISO 4427, AS/NZS 4129
Diameter : DN20~110mm
Pressure Rating : SDR11
Certificates : WRAS,CE,ISO 9001,ISO 14001,ISO 45001

Product Description

Socket Fusion Fittings is an industry reference for high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic fittings used to permanently join two or more segments of HDPE plastic pipe through a process known as heat fusion or socket fusion welding. This method of joining pipe and fitting involves a heater tool that evenly warms the plastic pipe and fitting simultaneously to a melt point where the two can be joined by insertion of the melted pipe into the socket of the melted fitting. Once inserted properly and allowed to cool, the two parts become one continuous bond of HDPE plastic that cannot be separated and form a connection stronger than its individual parts.


The Role of the Equal Tee

The main function of the Equal Tee is to change the direction of the fluid.

Socket Fusion Fittings Equal Tee is a type of HDPE Fittings with three ports, i.e. one inlet and two outlets, or two inlets and one outlet. These fittings are used where three lines of the same or different diameters come together. equal tee means the same diameter at both ends and is used where the fluid needs to flow through pipes of the same diameter.



Socket Fusion Fittings Equal Tee is widely used in petrochemical, oil and gas, liquefied gas, fertilizer, power plant, nuclear power, Shipbuilding, papermaking, pharmaceutical, food hygiene, urban construction, and other industries in the construction and maintenance of the project.

In the industrial field, an isometric tee is a common connector, used to connect three pipes together, so that the fluid can flow in different directions, to form a complex piping system that meets different process requirements.

Equalizing tees are designed to allow these complex piping systems to operate efficiently, which is important for special process requirements.

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