HDPE Butt Fusion 22.5° Degree Elbow

Raw Materials: PE100, PE100RC
Standards : EN12201, ISO 4427, AS/NZS 4129
Diameter: DN110-800mm (Larger size can be customized)
PressureRating: SDR9, SDR11, SDR13.6, SDR17
Certificates: UL, WRAS, NSF, ISO, CE
Color: Black, colors can be customized

Product Description

The HDPE Butt Fusion 22.5° Degree Elbow developed and produced by Puhui Industry has excellent properties of strength and wear resistance.

Puhui HDPE Butt Fusion Fittings are widely used in PE pipe connection

The outer diameter of HDPE butt welded pipe fittings should be exactly the same as the HDPE pipe. Use the HDPE pipe butt welding machine to fuse the two ends at a certain temperature and time, then remove the heating plate and bond the two ends tightly together under a fixed pressure until it cools.


HDPE Butt Fusion 22.5° Degree Elbow Functions

22.5° Degree Elbow, also known as elbow and curved fitting, is a type of tubing used to connect piping, equipment, or other fixtures, which can change the direction and angle of the piping. Elbows play a vital role in piping systems and can be used for several purposes:

1.22.5° Degree Elbow can be used to change the direction of piping. In piping systems, it is sometimes necessary to change the direction of the pipeline to meet the needs of the project. At this time, elbows can be useful. Through the use of elbows, the pipeline can be changed from a straight path to a curved path, so as to realize the pipeline turning or bending.

2. Elbows can be used to absorb the thermal expansion and contraction of the piping system. Due to temperature changes, the materials in the piping system undergo thermal expansion and contraction, which may lead to expansion and deformation of the piping. By installing elbows at appropriate locations, the thermal expansion and contraction of the piping can be absorbed, thus avoiding stress concentrations and damage to the piping due to temperature changes.

3. The 22.5° Degree Elbow can also be used to minimize vibration and noise in piping systems. In some cases, fluids in a piping system may generate vibration and noise, which may adversely affect the piping and the surrounding environment. By installing elbows in appropriate locations, the direction and velocity of fluid flow in piping can be altered to reduce vibration and noise.


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