HDPE Electrofusion 45 Degree Elbow

Raw Materials: PE100, PE100RC
Standards : EN12201, ISO 4427, AS/NZS 4129
Diameter: DN20-800mm (Larger size can be customized)
PressureRating: SDR9, SDR11, SDR17, SDR26
Certificates: CE, ISO, WRAS, UL
Color: Black, colors can be customized

Product Description


The main function of HDPE Electrofusion 45 Degree Elbow is to change the direction of the pipeline, absorb the thermal expansion and contraction of the pipeline system, reduce the vibration and noise of the pipeline system, as well as to connect the pipelines of different specifications or materials. According to different connection methods, 45 Degree Elbow can be divided into Electrofusion 45 Degree Elbow and Butt Fusion 45 Degree Elbow.


HDPE Pipe Fitting Connection

HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipes and fittings are mainly connected by socket welding, butt welding, and electrofusion connection. These connection methods make the construction process of HDPE pipes and fittings simple, cost-effective, safe, and reliable. The production of 45-degree elbows as part of an HDPE piping system follows these connection methods to ensure the integrity and functionality of the piping system.

Socket Welding: This is a common joining method whereby the pipe is inserted into the socket of the fitting and the two are then firmly joined together using heat fusion technology.

Butt Welding: Suitable for direct welding between two HDPE pipes or pipes and fittings, by heating the pipe ends and fittings to melt and join them to form a single piece.

Electrofusion connection: utilizes electric current to generate heat through a heating element to melt and fuse the connecting parts of the pipe and fittings, resulting in a seamless connection.


Difference between HDPE Electrofusion 45 Degree Elbow and Hot Fusion 45 Degree Elbow

1. Electrofusion connection is the use of an electrofusion welding machine to make connections. This connection first needs to energize the copper wire inside the welder, and then let the PE pipe outside the heat, when the temperature of the heat is high enough, it can be melted to connect. Electrofusion connection is commonly used for gas pipes and in cases where large excavation is not possible, showing the specific environment and conditions for its application.

2. Thermal fusion connection is connected by using a thermal fusion welding machine. In this method, the surface of the PE pipe is heated for a long time, and when the heating temperature is high enough, it can be melted and connected. In the hot melt connection, you need to prepare the relevant equipment and appliances to ensure that there is no lack of parts in the melting process. In the process of heat fusion, use the appropriate tools to clamp the PE pipe, and check whether the PE pipe is firm after clamping, only when the PE pipe is firm enough to carry out the next step of the connection.

3. The cost of electrofusion and thermofusion is also different. Electrofusion is usually more expensive than thermofusion because it is more commonly used in specific applications and conditions, such as gas line installations, while thermofusion is more common and relatively less expensive. The cost is relatively low.

The HDPE Electrofusion Fittings developed and produced by Puhui has excellent properties of strength and wear resistance.

Puhui HDPE Electrofusion Fittings are widely used in PE pipe connection

The raw myterial is clean, non-toxic, hygienic.

The whole process of electric fusion is totally automatic, simple and safe, supporting scanning code welding and there is no human influence.

The electric fusion welding strength is high, which essentially guarantees the interface material and structure of the pipeline system and the identity of the pipe itself, realizes the high integration of pipe fitting and pipe material, and ensures no leakage at the interface, reliable connection and no hidden trouble.

Corrosion resistance, long service life.

No shrinkage phenomenon.

Low installation cost, high efficiency and stable quality.

The installation process is not limited by the environment, space, flexible operation, will be able to meet the needs of complex installation conditions.

Electrofusion welding can effectively resist underground movement and end loading.

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