HDPE fishing pipe for Aquaculture

Raw Materials: PE100, PE100RC
Standards: ISO 4427 / EN 12201/ AS/NZS 4130
Diameter range: DN20mm-2000mm
Pressure Rating: SDR33-SDR7.4 (PN5-PN25)
Certificates: UL, WRAS, NSF, ISO, CE
Length : 5.8 length 20ft , 11.8-12m/L 40ft
Color : Black, Blue, Black with blue strips, customized

Product Description

HDPE fishing pipe for Aquaculture is widely used for the construction of floating cages which is a new Marine fishery aquaculture system equipment that always arranged in the ebb water with depth of 15 meters below, mainly consists of frame system, mesh, anchoring system and ancillary facilities. It offer many benefits including no corrosion or decay caused by the electrolytic process and no risk of material deterioration as algaes, bacterias or multicellular organisms are not able to stick to the pipe. It also has a strong structure, wind and wave resistance,long service life. In the past 10 years, with the development of Marine fishery and aquaculture industry, it has been rapidly popularized ind applied.

Puhui Industry HDPE deep-sea cage system products mainly include five parts: colored PE cage handrail pipe, PE cage special pipe, PE non-slip pedal, PE cage see, accessories
The selection of high quality PE100 HDPE raw materials, advanced molding equipment, mature production technology, complete inspection and testing means, to ensure that a variety of products to reach the international and domestic leading level and meet the market demand.


1.Strong and rigid PE hand rails.
2.No shackles or bolts that can corrode or damage the net.
3.Sliding deadweigth principle with minimal wear and tear.
4.PE brackets with extra long durability and simplified cleaning.
5.Minimizes expensive and difficult maintenance, and substantially increases HDPE pipes lifespan compared to steel brackets.
6. Puhui brackets are superior in terms of structural strength, durability and UV resistance. This is especially important in high-energy offshore farm sites and areas with high UV radiation from the sun.

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