HDPE Segmented 45 Degree Bend

Raw Materials: PE100, PE100RC
Standards: ISO4427, EN12201, AS/NZS4129
Diameter: DN90mm- 1200mm
Pressure Rating : SDR7.4-SDR26
Certificates: CE, ISO, WRAS, UL
Color: Black, colors can be customized

Product Description

While most of the project can be done with straight HDPE pipe and standard fittings, it is also important to have quality made custom-fabricated items, manufactured to standard, and delivered to site within the time-frame required.

Puhui HDPE fabricated pipe and fitting are means to solve installation situations where common fitting fail, meet more complex and cost efficient pipeline designs.

HDPE Segment Bend 45 Degree 3HDPE Segment Bend 45 Degree 4

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