Steel backing ring ANSI B16.5

Raw Materials: galvanized steel, stainless steel, carbon steel
Diameter : 11/2 inch-32 inch
Pressure Rating : PN10/ PN16/150PSI
Standards : ASTM/ASME ANSI B16.5

Product Description

Puhui provides state-of-the-art fitting accessories
for jointing HDPE piping system which not only
ensures the safe conveyance but also makes it
possible to easily move HDPE pipes at a later stage.
Flanged Joints (with Stub Flanges and Backing Plates) – HDPE pipes can be flange-jointed by using HDPE stub
flange ends in conjunction with metal backing plates and a sealing gasket to provide a demountable joint or to
match up with pumps, valves etc.
Backing Rings have been modified as per the requirements of HDPE sizes.
Puhui can provide variety of backing ring for mechanical connectios in galvanized steel, statinless steel and PP coated steel.

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