The Advantages of PE fire pipe

The Advantages of PE fire pipe


  1. It is easy to form a complete and closed anti-seepage system by butt welding and electrofusion welding. When laying along the trench, it can reduce the excavation of the trench and reduce the amount of accessories. the
  2. Light in weight and easy to install and handle
  3. Strong wear resistance and excellent hydraulic performance, no need for outer layer protection in buried pipelines. It can be applied to earthquake and mining area soil subsidence areas, and can also be laid on the bottom of rivers by submersion method. the
  4. Chemical corrosion resistance, internal, external and microbial corrosion resistance, strong corrosion resistance, and health. Suitable for conveying acidic and alkaline substances, sewage, natural gas, coal gas and other substances;
  5. Good environmental adaptability and frost resistance. Can be used in indoor and outdoor water supply pipes
  6. Long service life, with a service life of more than almost 50 years
  7. Easy to recycle

    fire pipe
    fire pipe

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