Four Connection Methods of PE-pipe are Suitable for Which Pipes to Connect Respectively.

Four Connection Methods of PE-pipe are Suitable for Which Pipes to Connect Respectively


Hot-melt butt connection is generally the main connection method used in large-diameter HDPE pressure pipe systems. Hot-melt socket connection is mainly the connection method selected for small-diameter HDPE pipes. When HDPE pipes are connected to other pipes such as metal pipes, the method needs to be used. Orchid connection, small-diameter pipes can be connected with steel-plastic over-connections.

1. Hot Melt Docking

Hot-melt butt welding uses a hot-melt butt welding machine to heat the pipe ends (the hot-melt butt welding temperature is 210±10°C). After the pipe ends melt, they are quickly attached to each other, maintaining a certain pressure, and then cooled to achieve the purpose of welding. HDPE pipes with a size larger than 90mm can be connected by hot-melt butt jointing.

2. Saddle-Type Butt Connection

In the application process of HDPE pipes, we often encounter the problem of main pipe tapping according to actual needs. The saddle tee can be connected using the saddle butt method, that is, use a saddle butt welder to directly connect a saddle tee to the main pipe, and then use the equipped cutter to cut the main pipe, and you are done. Split in charge, construction was very fast.

3. Steel-Plastic Flange Connection

It should be connected with steel pipes and valves using flange connections. The connection between the steel pipe end and the metal flange shall comply with the corresponding steel pipe welding regulations.

4. Electrofusion Connection

Electrofusion connection is to first put the electrofusion pipe fitting on the pipe, and then use a special welding machine to energize the electrofusion pipe fitting according to the specified parameters (time, voltage, etc.), so that the inner surface of the electrofusion pipe fitting embedded with electric heating wire and the pipe are inserted The outer surface of the end melts, and once cooled the pipe and fitting fuse together. It is characterized by easy and fast connection, good joint quality, and little interference from external factors. However, the price of electrofusion pipe fittings is several times or even dozens of times that of ordinary pipe fittings (the smaller the diameter, the greater the difference).

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