Thirteen advantages of polyethylene pe pipes in farmland irrigation

Thirteen advantages of polyethylene pe pipes in farmland irrigation

Polyethylene PE pipe is currently a popular product for pipeline water delivery in well irrigation areas in my country. Compared with channel water delivery, pipeline water delivery has rapid water delivery, water saving, and land saving. Its benefits are: the water utilization coefficient can be increased to 0.95, 20%-30% power saving, 2%-3% land saving, and 10% increase in production. It is one of the main measures for water-saving irrigation in my country at present.
So what are the advantages of polyethylene pe pipe in farmland irrigation? puhui summarizes thirteen advantages of polyethylene pePE pipe in farmland irrigation for you, hoping to help you:
1. The inner wall of the tube is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, and it does not rust. The requirements for water quality are not strict, and there is no accumulation.
2. Good low temperature resistance, PE pipe has a wide temperature range, and can be used normally in the environment of -20°C to 40°C.
Three, good wear resistance. When used as a movable branch pipe, dragging it on the ground will not affect the service life of the pipe.
4. Add special additives to prevent rodents such as mice from damaging buried pipes.
5. The performance of the pipe is stable, the hygienic performance is good, it will not affect the water quality, and will not affect the non-toxic and pollution-free crops.
6. It has excellent anti-aging performance, and its performance can be guaranteed for long-term sunlight or buried in the ground.
7. Polyethylene PE pipes are added to the agricultural irrigation pipes after processing. A variety of nutrients are dissolved during the water delivery process to make the water nutritious. Under photosynthesis, the nutrient accumulation of crops is increased and sufficient nutrients are provided.
8. The addition of mineral elements can mineralize water. Polyethylene PE pipes such as manganese are activators of amylase, which can promote the decomposition of starch, make seeds germinate and grow, and increase the organic matter and mineral content of crops.
9. The addition of antibacterial agents to polyethylene pe pipes can inhibit E. coli at 1000/L, ensuring the safety of agricultural products.
10. Good toughness, can be bent, coiled, easy to store.
11. Anti-rapid crack propagation and anti-slow crack growth performance, polyethylene pipe and good anti-hanging performance.
12. It has good corrosion resistance and stable performance. It will not only not be corroded when transporting the water injected into the fertilizer, but also will not destroy the nutrients in the fertilizer to ensure the production needs of crops.
13. Chemical resistance, especially seawater resistance, suitable for coastal marsh areas, strong adaptability to soft ground, suitable for mariculture, polyethylene PE pipe irrigation waterways, farmland finishing and other pipes, polyethylene PE pipes greatly save labor costs for installation and investment in equipment and materials. It also reduces operation and maintenance costs and prolongs the service life, so it has a lower comprehensive engineering cost.

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