Why choose polyethylene PE pipe for your water plant project?

When your water company is preparing to install new pipes or replace aging pipes, HDPE is one of the best materials we have come across. HDPE is making waves in the water industry. This is why you should further investigate its potential.

1. Cheap and durable
High-density polyethylene PE pipe offers strong, long-lasting performance while being lightweight and affordable. Conservatively, the Plastic Pipe Institute expects it to last 50 years.

2. Strong but lightweight.
Unlike PVC, which becomes brittle over time, HDPE maintains flexibility and strength while remaining lightweight and easy to handle. It performs well in harsh soil conditions and can be used in a wide range of applications where other rigid piping systems are simply inadequate.

3. The installation and connection are convenient and firm.
HDPE is a unique material in water lines because it can be hot-melted on site to join two lengths of pipe without the need for adhesives. Studies have shown that when tested, the fusion point junction formed a strong connection and did not form leaks.

4. Resistant to corrosive chemicals.
Imagine not having to worry about dealing with a Flint water crisis for your water company. Because HDPE is plastic, it doesn’t react to the strongest changes in pH or the harshest chemicals. This means the pipes you lay will not corrode, leak, or absorb contaminants from the material.

5. It has impact resistance and fatigue resistance.
HDPE pipe in trenches differs from other types of plastic pipe, including PVC, in that HDPE retains its flexibility and handles impacts well even when the weather turns cold. You don’t have to worry about everything that happens around the water line, you can simply trust that it will remain in good shape into the future. It is also more resistant to exercise fatigue, making it ideal for areas where soil movement may be a consideration.

When you choose polyethylene PE pipe for your water utility’s next expansion, repair or replacement project, you are providing your customers and your organization with the best material currently available. But if we haven’t answered all of your questions, the professionals on the Zhongsheng Plumbing team are standing by. Contact us today for more information on how HDPE pipe can provide superior results on your next project.

PE water supply pipe
PE water supply pipe

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